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Don’t be afraid to share information and ideas

Sharing what you know, as long as the information you posses is valuable, makes everyone better. You should not be afraid to share as sharing only might pass the surface knowledge you posses. Sharing passes parts of your experience or understanding of things, but the most powerful tool you posses will still be your experience and skill, usually accumulated in many years of working in a specific area.

If the only thing towards your new business is an idea that you think that keeping it hidden might get you a certain advantage you are certainly wrong. The first mover advantage still stands, but in the end only the best implementation of that idea will win in the current market situation. Everyone has ideas but fewer people are capable of creating a great business out of them.

So get out and talk to people. Tell them your plans and ideas and see if you can find a business partner to help you creating the next big thing you have in your mind for some time.  Ideas will never be as valuable without the right people implementing them so try using your idea and knowledge to form the best team possible and get to work! at Lucky 7 done at OpenCoffee Bucharest

I’ve shown again at OpenCoffee in a slightly different environment and to a larger audience of people from the local Internet industry. It makes me very happy to see people appreciate our effort and are able to see what we do as an example of promoting the Romanian entrepreneurship activities with examples done by people that have enough experience with start-ups to develop something from an idea to a product.

Actually the great thing about is that the best is yet to come. So far we only gathered feedback and shown a proof of concept to small audiences. Very soon the real marketing will begin and start having tons of new ads daily and strong promotion to support our efforts.

Attached below you can find the shorter version of the presentation I did some time ago for the website:

5 steps to getting more visitors to your blog

Getting more visitors is a challenge for every blogger. Below I listed 5 tips on how to improve the number of visitors you get.

  1. Write stuff people want to read
  2. Get indexed by Google and the other search engines
  3. Add your blog to your email signature and social network profiles
  4. Twitter your best articles
  5. Analyze your traffic and burn your feed

1. Write stuff people want to read

Don’t write stuff people can find elsewhere or things that are not interestingly enough. People will not came back to your blog if you don’t have a strong opinion on a popular subject or original content. You have to differentiate yourself to attract a loyal readership.

Other bloggers and website owners will link to and comment about the original source of the content. Getting this kind of attention to your blog will have a positive impact on your ranking in search engines.

2. Get indexed by Google and the other search engines

Be sure to get indexed by Google, as this is the main source of traffic for most blogs. Google your way to some SEO guides and read them carefully. SEO can be your best ally into differentiating yourself from other blogs. 

You should also add find ways to generate and submit a website sitemap. For this I use Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress and I have manually submitted my generated sitemap to Google, who will get noticed instantly of any new content submitted on my blog.

(See How to get your blog on Google within a couple of days for a detailed overview on this subject.)

3. Add your blog to your email signature and social network profiles

This is especially helpful if you send many email messages. If you do so, adding your blog in your email signature will help a lot in getting the feedback you need from your peers and showing your blog to your business partners. 

If are popular on various social networks like Facebook or Linkedin submitting the articles there will also help. For Facebook I advise to post your best articles on your public timeline. As for Linkedin, you can add the website to your Websites section as your blog and even add a WordPress Application so the people that view your profile can also see what you write on your blog.

These steps will ensure you get some readers before you get indexed by the search engines.

4. Twitter your best articles

Popular Twitter users usually post valuable information on their timelines, which makes other people ReTweet their messages and get them more followers. You should submit to Twitter your most interesting articles with a viral expansion potential. If your articles spread on Twitter you can ensure a solid followers base to which to push your future content as well.

5. Analyze your traffic and burn your feed

The key to understanding what you should write and when stands in gathering and understanding your website statistics. For this you should use Google Analytics. The unfortunate thing about it is that you get a couple of hours delay on your stats, so if you need them instantly then also add StatCounter to the mix. This is the combination I used for years into following my visitors trends on some of my websites.

Most people read blogs in various aggregator applications, like Google Reader, so their statistics will not fall into Google Analytics. For your RSS feed readers FeedBurner is a good solution, coupled with FeedBurner FeedSmith for WordPress. This plugin redirects the traffic from your standard WordPress RSS feed to your FeedBurner one. You can get them statistics on how many people follow your RSS feed, how many of them actually read your articles, etc.