Managing to get to the market

A team of which I am part of managed to get from an idea to a fully functional website in just 2 weeks. That, on itself, would be considered quite a feat for a team of only 3 people. Then add that we worked in our spare time and via online collaboration and you get quite an achievement.

How was this possible?

First, we set a very aggressive deadline. We had to show the project at OpenCoffee Bucharest in 2 weeks time, even without knowing exactly how much time would it take and what are the exact steps involved into getting it done. We are professionals so we made an educated guess. It was correct.

Second, we started as a team of trusted peers with a great attitude. We knew that this is a nice project and we can pull it off. Stuff goes definitely better when you get the change to work with people you like.

Third, we are very organized in our way of working on the project. Everything was done via an online project management tool that I put the time into setting up at first and cleaning up from time to time. To keep people motivated you have to have no dead tasks and no lagging behind milestones. No instant messenger communication was used into creating this project. Phones were only used for congratulating each other for doing a great job and email only to pass on files.

My position in the project was one of manager. I had the vision and kept the people motivated. A general vision on what the project will look like in the end helped a lot.

Attached below is the presentation we did for OpenCoffee Bucharest today, the official place where the project went live.

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