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How to get your blog on Google within a couple of days

As I have recently started this new weblog I had to get it on Google (the main source of organic traffic) as soon as possible. I was able to get it indexed within just a couple of days by going through the steps below.

1. Submit your blog to This way at the first crawl Google does it will also include the link you submitted. 

2. Create and submit a XML Sitemap.

Install Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress and configure it. This WordPress plugin will automatically generate a sitemap and ping the search engines to download it. When you have the sitemap.xml file generated go to to submit it to Google. This way the latest content you post will be on the search engine within hours of it being published.

3. Get some links to your blog from already indexed websites.

After you have your website indexed it is a good idea to have some static links from other websites pointing to your blog. This will get you better ranking in the searches as Google is ranking websites especially by the number and importance of external links that link to a website. I used for this a couple of my existing blogs as well as some of my social network profiles.


Using these 3 steps I got my blog from its initial launch to being included in Google’s index within a couple of days. From experience I can tell that if you don’t follow this steps it can take months before you will start receiving traffic from Google, traffic that usually makes a difference.

Overachieving as a way of getting more customers

Getting customers in today’s economy is not an easy job. One should fight a global recession as well as stiff competition in most areas.

An elegant solution to this marketing problem would be overachieving, to which I propose 2 easy steps:

  1. Make your customers have rather low expectations on your business: have a modest website, a modest portfolio and a modest attitude towards them.
  2. Deliver what they expect from you faster, better or bundled with extra stuff that might prove useful to them.

You can work again on the modesty bit after you got plenty of customers, but at first try to keep a low profile. If you fall into underachieving then you have a real problem: your customers will recommend their pears to stay away.

This is a market strategy used also by They know that selling sneakers is not a really exciting business, but giving great customer support, free upgrades to overnight shipping and generally trying to give their customer the sensation they are rather important, even in the case of a high volume seller, is what makes them successful as a business. 

You should try doing that for your company on your next clients. Provide them more that they asked for and ask nothing in return. Then, there is a good possibility that they are not going to consider you yet another contractor and tell their collaborators what good job you did. And that’s how you get free advertising.

OpenCoffee Bucharest and why I attend it

OpenCoffee is a weekly meeting taking place every Thursday morning in some 100 places around the world. People from the online & IT industry gather to have a coffee together and exchange ideas. There are also various projects launched at our local OpenCoffee, projects consisting mostly of online startups.

Why I attend it?

For some reason, possibly due to it’s flexible format, top people in the Bucharest online market love it. It is a great opportunity to get to meet the top players and see what’s going on. Actually, my recent project was initiated at OpenCoffee Bucharest and launched there. 

If you come from outside Bucharest or Romania and want to get a quick impression on some of the people and initiatives here you should attend OpenCoffee.