Why working long hours might not always help

The “work more if you want to achieve more” is an old theory that in the current environment does not stand true anymore. Below I listed the reasons why you should avoid impulse doing and substitute it with thinking.

One should try to use time in the best possible manner instead of working for a crazy number of hours every day. With today’s productivity tools and computers it is possible to make very efficient use of time and keep better track of next actions and progress. Make a top priority to think more than to act and try to focus on working with the right people on the right projects more than saving a failed business or putting crazy hours in an idea that you have mixed feelings about. Try to keep time well tracked and tasks well documented so when you have some time to work on your business or project the next actions should be extremely clear.

Unless you enter or collect data, do a complex market research, interview many people or do a similar task (that you should have delegated to someone else in the first place anyway – as you can do the thinking) I see no reason why working more will help you achieve significantly more.

The team is a very important factor in getting major things done. One can do a limited amount of work, but a team can achieve something great. Focus on surrounding you with the best people possible and make sure everyone does what they are capable of doing best and results will come accordingly. 

Short conclusion would be that working long hours for better and better results is not always true and more important is thinking before doing and using the proper tools at all times. 

P.S. As you can see no examples were given so please look at: 80/20 Rule – Pareto principle and GTD – Getting Things Done by David Allen. Other tools might definitely work so do your research and comment here with advices.

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