Online Wiki of the Romanian Internet Market

Today at OpenCoffee Bucharest I presented my most recent startup initiative, an online wiki for the Romanian Internet Market. Feedback from the community was amazing, with everyone in the room looking forward to contributing with content.

The main reason for starting this is to help provide an unbiased information source for people looking into the local entrepreneurship effort.

Topics featured into the wiki will include, but not limited to, who the entrepreneurs are, what projects are they working on, who are the local investors and advisors, who are the non-core business professionals with experience in working with entrepreneurs (lawyers, accountants, etc.). Also an entrepreneurship guidebook will be featured with articles about various processes an entrepreneur encounters in his activity (raise capital, make a partnership, hire the right people, etc.).

Anyone will be able to edit, as long as their submitted content is correct and unbiased.

Attached below is the Keynote I have used to support my speech. It is not very self-explanatory, but will offer you a general view of what today’s OpenCoffee was about.

If you want to know more about the project or how you can help please use the comment section or the about page.

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