Jonah Peretti of HuffPo and BuzzFeed fame on Internet publishing and exponential growth

One of the first Internet businesses I started was in content publishing by a blogging network back in the early 2000s. Although I am no longer involved with that business (exited to someone who knew more about this that I was interested in knowing) I got to follow the evolution of blogging and publishing quite closely.

The thing is, if you care about having an impact on the world, the too-early mode is the highest leverage point because you can have an idea, build a mock or a prototype of it, and then have those ideas find themselves in products that other people build that then scale up to massive.

Scaling things, and building a business, and the data that you have when you grow something to a large scale, does allow you to learn certain things that you can’t learn in a lab.

If you do something and make a splash and build something interesting, then people will give you money to do more stuff. They come to you and say, “Why don’t you take this to the next level? Let us invest.” And then you generate revenue, and that allows you to explore more ideas.

The Jonah Peretti interview by Felix Salmon is a 90-minutes-read Q&A spread over 4 meetings and many Internet, publishing and behavioural psychology. Definitely a worthy weekend read.

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