Putting a label on things

For the sake of research, I’m wearing this activity tracker wristband that fits too small (they only had it Medium where I got it from) and looks rather goofy. But apparently it tracks my steps and my sleeps and it’s going to make it all sugar and spice and everything nice.

But I would not really mind that at all if it didn’t ask me to put a label on things. Is me sitting in bed just laying down for a minute or is it a nap? Do I intend to sleep long, as then I need to tell it beforehand I’m going to be sleeping longer so it doesn’t wake me up by vibrating continuously after my “power nap” is done.

Those quantified self do-it-all bands are nice, but someone should start a smart pillow company already.

Later Edit: Somebody did, but the end result doesn’t look pretty.

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