Cariere v4.0 Talk

As much as I try to avoid public appearances and public speaking in general, one that I could not miss is the yearly career fair of the Computer Science Faculty of the Univesity of Bucharest, where Cronian Academy is deeply involved in courses, programs and curriculum.

I spoke at every edition since its inception four years ago and always aimed to give a positive keynote speech, empowering students to leverage technology knowledge and aim to make an impact though their abilitiesĀ as opposed to sell their time and abilities.


One thought on “Cariere v4.0 Talk

  1. Hi Mihai,

    I enjoyed your talk and agree with most things you said there (I also checked your previous blogposts). It is important to give another perspective to the students which are “hunted” by big companies (it’s funny the name “headhunter” in recruiting). There is a quote by Greg McKeown “if you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will”. Anyway, I was thinking that these advices and talks should be given to high school students as well (you said that you started to work on your project already while in school). And the age interval can be pushed even further to 9-14 years olds. I was thinking to organize an IT-technological clubs for children that can do something together (e.g. some web site, an app or a game) – i.e. a Cronian Academy for kids :-). I know there is and similar stuff (even in Romania I’ve seen some initiatives such as although paid) but I think there is potential in this and it could increase the IT entrepreneurial culture in the young generation of Romanians.

    With kind regards,

    P.S. I teach at the the faculty of computer science in Bucharest and I would be glad to have a chat with you if you come to the new iOS lab at third floor. šŸ™‚

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