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Cariere v4.0 Talk

As much as I try to avoid public appearances and public speaking in general, one that I could not miss is the yearly career fair of the Computer Science Faculty of the Univesity of Bucharest, where Cronian Academy is deeply involved in courses, programs and curriculum.

I spoke at every edition since its inception four years ago and always aimed to give a positive keynote speech, empowering students to leverage technology knowledge and aim to make an impact though their abilitiesĀ as opposed to sell their time and abilities.


How to make your startup a global venture in three easy steps

I’ve been invited to give a presentation on networking and entrepreneurship in three cities in Romania (Bucharest, Timisoara and Cluj).

Main points of the presentation was that for Romania to grow more successful global startups we first need to grow a solid entrepreneurial ecosystem, formed of people who have the network and the money to help others succeed and grow at a rapid pace. The other thing necessary to grow an ecosystem is to strong network of connections in all major entrepreneurship hubs (San Francisco/Silicon Valley, New York, London, etc.)

Direct links to the networks/communities in the slideshow are:

Keynote Presentation about Lean Startups

I was invited to keep a presentation about lean startups and lessons learned implementing this set of processes in my startups. The presentation took place at Bucharest Hubb which is the HQ for the first and only seed fund for IT startup in Romania. I am also an advisor the seed fund and it was nice to talk to the teams about my area of expertise and what I can help them with.

Embedded above are the slides I used to support the presentation.