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Challenge Everything as a Design Philosophy

Working on a startup teaches you a lot of things. Actually it might be the most powerful experience one can get into learning how to make something from nothing and overcome difficulties and conquer challenges.

An effective approach we developed towards design at iCartApp is to challenge every single design decision we take and create ways to test those decisions. Brainstorming, random app testing, focus groups, split testing are some of the ways we challenge our own approaches to a UI or UX decision.

We think of ourselves as providers and supporters as opposed to know-all entrepreneurs. We’re working on creating something remarkable and then let our users decide how it should behave and feel. Stay tuned!

How to test your website design across multiple browsers

I sometimes have to check a new website template design across multiple browsers and due to the fact that I use an Apple Mac that lacks Internet Explorer and some 50% of the total browser market share is still stuck on that crappy browser I had to find a solution to still be able to test the design on close to every Internet browser configuration possible.

The solution I found is a website that is capable of loading your website on many operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and BSD – to be more precise) and browsers (anything from Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and others in more than one version for every browser) and provide you with appropriate screenshots that you can view or download. Check it out at http://browsershots.org/.