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Challenge Everything as a Design Philosophy

Working on a startup teaches you a lot of things. Actually it might be the most powerful experience one can get into learning how to make something from nothing and overcome difficulties and conquer challenges.

An effective approach we developed towards design at iCartApp is to challenge every single design decision we take and create ways to test those decisions. Brainstorming, random app testing, focus groups, split testing are some of the ways we challenge our own approaches to a UI or UX decision.

We think of ourselves as providers and supporters as opposed to know-all entrepreneurs. We’re working on creating something remarkable and then let our users decide how it should behave and feel. Stay tuned!

Would a startup accelerator help Romanian entrepreneurs?

After the tremendous number of entrepreneurship meetings, websites, TV shows, podcasts, blogs, wikis, etc. have emerged in Romania to promote the IT entrepreneurship movement would the industry benefit more from a startup accelerator?

I’m not thinking here of just advisory stuff, where you can call or meet with your advisors every couple of weeks or even months, but daily support in topics like:

  • finding the right market for the startup
  • creating a product
  • marketing planning
  • compiling a business plan
  • raise funding (and don’t get screwed)
  • connecting with the right people
  • incorporation help
  • legal & accounting advisory
  • getting in the right mindset
  • polishing the idea

The benefit for the entrepreneurial team is either:

  • get a proof of concept to the market faster and maintain or strengthen the first mover’s advantage
  • validate the idea faster so seed funding can come sooner than later
  • have a well put together company when it’s time to receive the first round of funding

I need your help here as I would like to know how useful would you find such program and what benefits would you see entrepreneurs getting out of it. What should the entrepreneur give back for those services? How would the added value be measured? Please comment even if you’re not involved in any way to Romanian startups. Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.

iCartApp.com Mobile Shopping Cart Platform

icartapp_t1_bHappy to announce today we entered the closed beta state with iCartApp.com, a mobile shop platform. What it essentially does is to enable shop owners to have a mobile store in just a couple of minutes and offer the very best experience in shopping from a mobile device.

Taking into account the recents growth stats for the iPhone and iPod touch we decided to support the iPhone OS as the first platform. iCartApp.com creates an online store accessible from the mobile browser and offers a seamless shopping experience, a major improvement compared to the standard web shop, with many design elements familiar to iPhone users.

Read more info about the project on its eWiki.ro page and request your private beta invite on the iCartApp.com mobile shopping cart platform homepage.