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Could we fight corruption in Romania like this?

I do usually post TED videos on my Tumblr Blog, but this is more relevant than most to the social and economic situations we have in Romania.

Is it possible to find corruption in Romania a similar way to how Shaffi Mather, a social entrepreneur from India, does it in his country of origin?

This might actually be a great startup opportunity for a social entrepreneur involved in consumer Internet. Pasted below is a comment from the Ted.com comment section, written by a person named ‘Ted Miller’:

If I have a product that I feel cheats me, I write a bad review on Amazon. Inevitably, bad reviews accumulate, the manufacturer is shamed, sales decline and the product is removed.

Why can’t something similar be done with corrupt officials? Create an online database with their photograph and profile, their work location, etc. It may only be a first name to begin with. But preferably India passes a law that requires all public officials to have a name badge and identity number.

Then if such an official solicits a bribe, you go to the site and anonymously or publicly (just like on Amazon) and post your grievance with the official. Perhaps you even post video footage of the occasion. If an official accumulates hundreds or thousands of bad reviews, it then becomes quite simple for media to expose them and their supervisors for allowing it to continue.

How would you like to be the corrupt official who has to explain to his children why he’s the worst-rated official in the newspaper?

How cellphones, Twitter, Facebook can make history

TED talk about how ordinary people write the news before any other multi-million dollar corporation is able to. Social networks are changing the way we live, think and share information and Clay Shirky explains that exceptionally.

In my oppinion the correct title is ‘How cellphones, Twitter, Facebook are making history’ as the revolution of the information created by individuals and spread (very fast) using social networks and mobile phones has already begun.

This amazing talk is definitely work watching.